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Is it worth owning a smart sleeping setup?

Most of us don’t get enough shuteye. The problem is so widespread that there’s now a club for nappers in NYC. Many startups are focusing on this niche. Sleep gadgets range from custom pillows to weird spooning robots. However, innovation... Continue Reading

Daily Digest

Are 3D printers user-friendly yet?

Snapchat losing $1.3B from tons of online protests and a single Kylie Jenner tweet shows just how influential social media can be. Having the internet everywhere will soon be a reality. The SpaceX internet-beaming satellites are officially in orbit. Augmented... Continue Reading


Crowdinsight – Get honest crowdfunding feedback from real people

Nearly two-thirds of crowdfunding campaigns fail because of lack of preparation in marketing as well as lack of proper feedback.  Crowdinsight is a community of repeat buyers/backers who review projects and provide valuable feedback based on different factors. There are... Continue Reading

Smart Living

Smart payment technology – where lies the future?

Construction has finally begun on Jeff Bezos’s $42 million 10,000-year clock. The goal is to build a mechanical clock that will run for 10 millenia. The new Google Pay app is considered to be good competition for Paypal, Venmo and... Continue Reading

Product Stories

Powerbeam is the smart way to charge Apple devices

It appears that Qi has won the battle of the wireless chargers, with even Apple backing the technology. Rumors suggest that the upcoming iPhone SE 2 will have a glass back for wireless power. In the meantime, the 3-in-1 Powerbeam... Continue Reading

Product Stories

KeyClip is the perfect wallet for EDC enthusiasts

EDC gadgets can seriously improve your day. We recently looked at the benefits of carrying such items. Multi-tools are getting smaller with each passing day. The multi-talented Claw is just 18mm long. KeyClip rolls your wallet, your keychain and your... Continue Reading

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