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Product Roundups

17 Innovative products to make parenting just a little easier

How often are babies born? About 258 per minute. That means there are a lot of sleepless parents out there. Should parents limit screen time for their kids? Probably. 42% of kids under 8 years old have their own device... Continue Reading

Product Stories

The AlleyOOP Rocker makes standing more comfortable

What are the advantages of using a standing desk? Standing increases your blood pressure and burns more calories, thus reducing the risk of disease. What is the best adjustable standing desk? Take a browse through our work desks collection for... Continue Reading

Marketing Tips

Gadget Flow Podcast Episode 16 – Khierstyn Ross of Crowdfunding Uncut

Listen to more crowdfunding podcasts from Crowdfunding Uncut here. Learn more about Crowdfunding Uncut and how to make your campaign successful from their website. Can you give a brief snapshot of your world? Khierstyn: Yeah definitely! I’m Khierstyn, I’ve been... Continue Reading

Featured Posts

Love coffee? Check out our favorite coffee brewers

What’s the big deal with cold brew? The cold brew method of brewing has far less acidity, which not only has a more welcomed flavor but it’s also better for your health. How much money do we spend on cups... Continue Reading

Marketing Tips

8 Must-use Indiegogo marketing tips for InDemand crowdfunding campaigns

How can you get valuable feedback for your crowdfunding campaign? Based on the crowdfunding campaigns we’ve reviewed so far, nearly one out of three campaigns fail due to several reasons. But, with proper feedback, your crowdfunding campaign can actually get... Continue Reading

Smart Living

The 10 best outdoor security cameras to monitor your home

What is the difference between weatherproof and waterproof? The former usually means a device can withstand rain. If you want comprehensive protection, go for waterproof. What is a smart security camera? Such devices offer additional intelligent features, such as motion... Continue Reading

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