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Best Work Gadgets

Best Work Gadgets

Increase your productivity, improve your posture, have fun with your colleagues, and enjoy your 9-5 even more with the best office gadgets and workplace accessories.

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Best workspace gadgets
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Jul 212019

BackShield Seated Spinal Support

This vehicle back support is ergonomically designed to support the natural curve in your spine.

Jul 192019

Sprout Pencil Plantable Graphite Pencils

When it's too short, simply plant this pencil upside down and watch it grow.

Jul 192019

RG VH Compact Quiet USB Desk Fan

Even with two motors, this USB-powered desk fan is exceptionally quiet.

Jul 182019

Magnetic Cable Tidy by bcase

This product simply snaps a buckle to the end of your cable.

Jul 172019

werktat Vegetable Tanned Leather Mouse Pad

Handmade to perfection, it's the perfect way to add style to your workspace.

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Tesla opens Las Vegas electric vehicle charging station

The V3 Supercharger can power up to 1,500 electric vehicles in a single day. With a peak rate of 250 kilowatts, this v3 Supercharger provides 39 charging stations. It also uses other Tesla technology, including its solar panels and Powerpack..

Verizon creates first 5G hotspot

At $650, the 5G MiFi 1000 device isn’t cheap, and this price excludes monthly data costs. The most expensive hotspot from Verizon previously was just $200, though customers can purchase the 5G hotspot in installments. The 5G data is offered..

Farming on Mars may be possible

Scientists believe that a thin layer of insulation could make terraforming Mars possible. The insulation is Aerogel, and it may need to be no more than three centimeters thick to create a greenhouse-like environment. This would help protect plants from..