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Cool Tech Gadgets

Cool Tech Gadgets

Stay up to date with all the latest tech gadgets and cool tech products from major tech company product announcements to the latest crowdfunding campaigns.

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Jul 212019

Cambridge Audio Alva TT Bluetooth Direct Drive Turntable offers a completely wireless vinyl experience

This Bluetooth record player doesn't use any cords at all, so you can place it anywhere in your home.

Jul 212019

mophie powerstation with Lightning connector 5,050 mAh Power Bank

This portable battery will keep your smartphone charged for up to 20 extra hours.

Jul 212019

Hopsy SUB Home Tap Countertop Draft System

This countertop tap is a miniature keg that is small enough to live on your kitchen counter or a side table.

Jul 212019

SANDMARC Anamorphic iPhone X Video Lens

This phone camera lens reacts to vivid light—like headlights, for example—by creating a lens flare.

Jul 212019

TripleLite Master T 180°-Beam Flashlight

This T-shaped torch uses three AAA batteries, which come included.

Jul 212019

Pipe Vase Repurposed Flower Holder

These vases are made of PVC, copper, and ABS plastic pipe scraps.

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Tesla opens Las Vegas electric vehicle charging station

The V3 Supercharger can power up to 1,500 electric vehicles in a single day. With a peak rate of 250 kilowatts, this v3 Supercharger provides 39 charging stations. It also uses other Tesla technology, including its solar panels and Powerpack..

Verizon creates first 5G hotspot

At $650, the 5G MiFi 1000 device isn’t cheap, and this price excludes monthly data costs. The most expensive hotspot from Verizon previously was just $200, though customers can purchase the 5G hotspot in installments. The 5G data is offered..

Farming on Mars may be possible

Scientists believe that a thin layer of insulation could make terraforming Mars possible. The insulation is Aerogel, and it may need to be no more than three centimeters thick to create a greenhouse-like environment. This would help protect plants from..